Tuesday 24 December 2013

Another Year

Another year has flown by.They say time flys when you're busy and it's been a very busy 12 months.
I've made many lovely hats and accessories for so many unusual events, for brides and wedding guests, for other national and international social gatherings and for individuals who lead very interesting lives.!
I was also asked to make a rather large amount of berets for the winter Olympics, but sadly that request never came to be but it was very nice to be asked.
So it's time to renew my batteries over Christmas and the New Year when I shall be ready to do it all again. Merry Christmas. X


Saturday 7 December 2013



Today I celebrated another year at the shop and I was joined throughout the day by lots of friends and clients both old and new.  
The weather was pretty miserable but there was lots of laughing inside as we remembered events, dramas and even window displays.
Everybody drank mulled wine and mulled cider to keep out the chill and the homemade mince pies disappeared very quickly. Lots of lovely presents were purchased ladies were selecting items they loved for partners to buy and generally we had a great day.
I can't quite believe I have been open for 8 years but I if I could add up the hats that have been made it that time it might be a real shock.
So it's onward and forward from here with new designs and ideas in the new year, Christmas first though.!

Sunday 1 December 2013

Christmas Dressing

After last weekend I have been busy restocking the shop in preparation for the Christmas shoppers who were out in force this weekend.
Next Saturday I will have been open for 8 years and so I hope lots of clients past and future will pop in for a festive drink and nibble.
Time flys when you are busy sewing so it will be nice to pause a moment reflect on my small achievement.
Also we were  treated to the most beautiful sunset as I closed the shop on Saturday and I managed a quick picture, wonderful isn't it.

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