Saturday 28 October 2017

Bumper Blog Post Catch Up

Sorry for the lack of blogging this month, it has been a busy time and every time I sat down to blog something more urgent took my attention.
So here's a bumper edition.
The first images of the old hatters brush was a find on my local market just yesterday and what a find.
Greetland is a local spot about 30 mins away from Hebden Bridge so I must try to find out about the premises if I can. I think it could be from the 40's or 50's. It's very special.
This weekend we have The Great Pumpkin Festival in town with carving and other activities so look out for things going on if you are coming to Hebden.
The woods are spectacular at the moment with wonderful browns and greens. The soft turban style beret is a great little hat for keeping warm and suits a range of face shapes. This one is trimmed with a little vintage buckle. Soft slouchy and a great everyday hat.
It's also time to create many felt hats this cranberry red with a large aubergine felt twist trim sold very quickly in fact all the felts have been quick to sell this month maybe people know it's going to be a cold winter.

I've started making neck wraps and hoods from luxury faux fur again.So soft and brings out the inner tsarina in you for the chilly days or nights.
My poor plaster head is really showing all the signs of age with cracks here and there so I am hoping to get her replicated as the facial expression is so charming.
Ive been buying lots of fabric and picked up a lovely piece of navy jersey which I hope to make a soft slouchy hat with and some velvet ribbon which I can never have enough of.

I also found a moment to make green tom chutney from the last of our cherry toms that we grew inside this year. So tasty and I added a few raisins but no sugar. Smells just as lovely as it tastes.

I was given a vintage dress box which was the same as my hat box from Marshall and Snellgrove who had dept stores around the U.K. may moons ago. They look great as a display item and many people seem to remember seeing them as a child or know someone who owned one, bring back back many lovely memories.

Lastly the mother of pearl buttons which I also found on the market in town [only three] were in fantastic condition and just needed a clean. I've used one so far but am hanging on to the others as long as I can, however there will be a moment when they are just the most perfect thing to use and will find a new home.

Chrissie x

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