Wednesday 22 February 2012

Navy Silk Beret

I have made this beret in navy blue raw silk that I have sandwiched between some wadding and sewn in a spiral stitch to create texture and detail to an otherwise very simple design.
The vintage buckle adds a little glamour and the veiling skirts across the face.As the hat does not fit directly around the forehead it is kept in place with a hat elastic and has a silk band which I have draped right around to end in a decorative knot at the centre back.The back of the hat  folds back and is sewn into position making an interesting detail.
Quite a tricky hat to convey the true shape on a photograph but I think you can see the overall style.
I think it might prove very popular as there has been a lot of admirers already in the shop today.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Lace Feathers


I have stiffened some lace fabric to create lace feathers and sewn a wire spine down the centre back so that they can be twisted into shape .Depending on how much stiffener you use will affect the outcome of your fabric so add a little at a time till you get the right feel.
I have been adding beads and veiling to my feathers as I have made a birdcage veil with a singular feather that clips in the hair and a cocktail hat with a veil and gold beaded feather in a slightly darker ecru.
The pictures don't really do them justice as they really are very pretty and delicate looking.
I have also made a few coloured ones and a couple of cotton ones. Perhaps I should try to construct a full bird.!

Thursday 9 February 2012

Pill Box Hat


I love Pill box hats, in general they bring such panache to the right outfit and veiling softly draped across the eye always looks good.
This is a very soft peach boom felt in mink with a vintage petersham ribbon trim,  The pearl beads are swarovski and you might just be able to spot tiny seed beads on the veiling. This one has now left the shop and is on it's way to a wedding in Greta Green in Scotland. The pin was left in until the lady had tried it on, but don't worry I did take it out after I added the final stitch.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Felt Hat Tweed Suit

This felt hat I have made for a bride who will be wearing the most glorious tweed suit from Liberty Freedom in a couple of weeks. It has a cut out pattern across the brim and is edged with dupion silk. Above a softly folded crown is trimmed with a silk tie and buckle.The brim sweeps across the right eyebrow and it's worn with a hat elastic to keep it perfect position.
Wow will she look good.!
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