Wednesday 27 June 2012

Hebden Bridge Floods

If you live in the U.K. you will have seen on the national news that last Friday after heavy rain we had major flooding in Hebden Bridge. Many of the shops and businesses have been very badly damaged and there is still a big clean up taking place along my street Market Street which lies very low in it's centre.Everyone has helped in some way as we are a small town full of good hearted people.
Some shops might re open this weekend but my shop being quite a way up from the centre was saved by my two steps from the pavemant to the front door.
Everything had to be removed from the shop just in case.! It really was like some special effect on a movie except that it was real.
I had visions of hats floating up the road but they were all safe thank goodness, it would have taken me a considerable time to re make my stock had that been a reality. Something that I have thought about several times in the past few days.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Silk Petal headband for Ladies Day

We have just had two lovely days of sunshine for the start of Royal Ascot and tomorrow it's ladies day and everyone will be crossing their fingers that it won't rain.
I have several hats and headpieces being worn tomorrow, this is one of them. Very bright and fresh in pinks and oranges, I have sewn three large petals in raw silk covered the band in the pink silk added veiling, vintage beads and a quill.
It will be easy to wear all day you can take it off and have no worries about your hair looking flat.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Re Trim your Hat

I often re trim hats for clients who have hats that they need trimming in another colour. Sometimes it is quite a simple trim and other times it can be a very elaborate re trim involving all sort of millinery trickery.
This little paper Panama trilby was a perfect example of just how a re trim can change a hat.
It originally had a black ribbon around it, and is now covered in hand sewn pearls and crystals with white raw silk on the edge of the brim,around the crown and lining.
It will be heading to the Henley Festival early next month and will be perfect for the midnight picnics under the stars. Lets hope it stops raining.!

Saturday 9 June 2012

Royal Ascot Pill Box Hat

This little navy blue fine straw pill box hat has been made for a client who loves things frayed and distressed not too perfect and always wears them in an unusual way yet always looks amazing. In fact when she came to collect it today she put it on in a sideways position and it looked great, however this is not the case for most people I would say. The cotton covered wire trim with hand frayed and rolled pinopok are really quite striking and are a nice alternative to feathers or a quill. Lets hope she turns a few heads as well as backs a few winners.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

My Hat Board on Pinterest

This is my Hat board on pinterest the on line pinning board, so many wonderful shapes and styles, it's very inspiring as a milliner to be able to see so many from the golden years of fashion. Just click the link to enjoy them all, I'm sure you will find them very inspiring.
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