Friday 30 September 2016

Wools Tweeds And Warmer Tones

The last day of September, this year has flown hasn't it? 
These last few months I've found pretty tough as I have been plagued by my old friend eczema.
I haven't suffered with the bothersome skin condition for 16 years but I think due to many emotional issues it reared it's head and I have struggled with it for the last 8 months.
You may know that I'm a homoeopath hence the name Hat Therapy [half and half of my trades]
I have treated many people for skin problems but I'm afraid this week I had to give in and get the big guns out namely steriod and anti fungal ointments as I couldn't stand it any longer,
Also I was quite a sight and running the risk of scaring customers away.
So this explains the lack of regular blog posts since the beginning of the year as I have only managed the bare minimum of tasks each day.
However things have improved dramatically and I am feeling much better,
The shop is full to the brim of  my favourite seasons accessories Autumn and Winter.
There's no better season to adorn yourself in warmer hats, scarves and gloves.
Here's a few pictures to show you our season treats.
The shop front has now been given it's new lick of paint, what do you think ?
Chrissie x


Thursday 15 September 2016

Back To Work

Back to work after a lovely break with lots to make and do.
As you know I do love the autumn and winter fabrics and tweed is IN again this year so that has made me very happy.
The front of the shop has been painted and is looking lovely in the September sunshine today, this time it's a complete change with a paler colour pallet of pale grey and blue grey door.
Just before I went away I had a client that required a wedding headpiece rather quickly,so she arrived at 10am and left at 6pm with her hat box ! It's the whipped ivory piece in the photos and I am looking forward to the photographs as I never actually got to see her dress as it wasn't ready at the time.
Most years I have a hat sale in September and this year I have nine hats in the sale.There are various styles and colours including black, ivory, pink and grey.
Priced at £60 they won't last very long so get in touch if you are interested.
Must dash .. back on the school run!
Chrissie x

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