Saturday 22 February 2014

A Lunchtime Event


Last Monday I went to the The Devonshire Arms Hotel to give a talk on millinery. It's a lovely hotel with roaring fires, the sort of place you could sit and just do nothing for a while. However I had plenty to do and after a Delicious lunch I demonstrated the steaming of a felt hat.
Everyone was suitably impressed [thank goodness]so after a chat about millinery in general, I took a few orders and said goodbye to a really lovely group of women.
I was even given a great bunch of tulips which happen to be my favourites.
I looking forward to going again soon. 


Saturday 15 February 2014

Hats in Every Shape and Colour


The last two weeks have been very busy, we have made so many different shapes and styles of hats.
One for the races in Dublin, one for a dreamy wedding in Spain, a red one for the window on Valentines day and a large leopard felt hat.
On Monday I am giving a demonstration to a group of ladies at The Devonshire Arms Hotel  which has the most beautiful setting and always a pleasure to visit.
I shall be steaming a felt hat and showing a few millinery tricks as well as chatting about owning a shop and millinery business.
Lets hope this dreadful weather we have had starts to calm down and allows everyone to travel.!
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