Saturday 29 April 2017

New Look For The Blog

Sorry for the distinct lack of blog posts over the last few weeks.
As you can see I've been working on changing the look of the blog. There's more to do and it will change again shortly with images from photo shoots and pictures of the shop. It's always great to have a change and freshen up your presence I think.

Weddings are now part of our main bulk of work with brides and mother of the brides / grooms popping in with glorious outfits ready to have a bespoke hat made to finish their look.

We've been blocking like mad to make all sorts of shapes and styles all of which will appear on the blog very soon.

So if you are off to a wedding and need advice of where to start looking / planning or shopping for your outfit drop into the shop or give us a call and we'll gladly help.

I will have been re opened a year since the shop was flooded shortly, can't believe it's gone so fast !
So if you've not had chance to visit you'll be quite surprised when to get here.

Chrissie x

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