Friday 30 July 2010

Take a brim and a crown

When you make a hat by hand each part is blocked separately.
This is where you dampen the material then steam and stretch it gently over a hat block (mould)
When dry and removed it is then cut to the desired shape.
The brim is worked on by adding brim reed around the edge to keep it's shape and stop it flopping, then this is covered with fabric.
Here you sew so that the stitches can not be seen.Tricky stuff.
Petersham ribbon is sewn to the head size around the inside of the crown and the label added.
Next attention is turned to the crown this is the part that wraps around the head the top is called the tip.
A lining is made to fit inside the hat then the brim and crown are joined together.
Now you create a band to cover your workings and add the trim. Simple.!
This hat is a very simple design as the suit it will be worn with looked better without too much detail.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Latest Treasure

At the moment I have quite a list of items to source and buy for several different orders.
I have been very successful in the last few days finding this vintage buckle,brooch,large beaded button and two pieces of embroidered cotton.
As fabric is so hard to find these days I feel very happy with myself, I now need some aubergine fine wool cloth,cherry red wool cloth and Lilac/blue buttons.
After that I think I should add a Gin & Tonic.

Friday 9 July 2010

Vintage Hat Prints

I found these prints last week at a local antique fair and it appears that they are taken from a book as there are page numbers at the corners of each one.
I would love to know where the book came from and the title but there was no information from the seller.
Now to decide where to hang them once I find two frames.? I do have a nice space in the shop so maybe that will be their new home for a while then I might just have them at home to enjoy them myself.
Hope you enjoy them too.

Sunday 4 July 2010

Vintage buttons & cocktail frippery

As you may have noticed I very often use vintage buttons on my hats and accessories, as I just love them for their simplicity and beauty.
This morning I went to a local antique fair where I found these Delicious little gems, plus two vintage prints of hats.
All in all a very good outing as I have most of my materials sent via post or courier and getting a pass to leave the workshop gets very difficult these days.!!
The material pictured above is crin, which comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it twists and turns to create great shapes, of course it does need a little persuasion.
I will take photographs of my hat prints as they too are just delightful and I will be torn between hanging them in the shop or just keeping them for myself at home.
I have some nice ideas for my buttons already but I'll keep you posted on that later.
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