Tuesday 30 October 2012

Black Lace Pumpkins

With a pair of Lacy black tights, three pumpkins and a little brim reed [plastic wire] Josie who is on placement with me gave me a hand this morning to whip up a quick Halloween window display.
 I showed her how to create a headpiece with brim reed and a pair of tights. The brim reed is held together with brass Ferrel and stretches out the lace tights to help create a sculptural shape. A little knotting, pumpkin coloured birdcage veiling and a clip and it was ready to wear. I wonder if anyone will want to try it on.?


Saturday 27 October 2012

Teal Wool Winter Hat

Last week I found this lovely piece of teal wool cloth it is plain one side and patterned the other so just perfect for making hats and bags of all styles.
They both have silk linings and a detail on the pleated side of the hat. They have just gone into the shop window and had some nice comments so I guess they won't be there for long.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Downton Abbey Inspired Hats

This week these two felt cloches have been made by my interns Fran and Josie. I started them off with steaming and stretching the top of the felt over a domed crown block then once it had taken shape I showed them how to steam, pinch and pleat the felt to create a cloche hat.Each hat has a very organic shape yet hugs the head with and upturned brim. They have caused quite a stir in the shop window this weekend and are on several ladies Christmas wish list. This week we shall make more in different colours. Great job ladies.


Tuesday 16 October 2012

Keep Me Warm winter Hat

It's great to have a warm pull on hat  that will slip into your bag. Here's a pink and black wool cap and a red boiled wool cap both look great on and suit most face shapes.On the pink there is a lovely vintage buckle and a ripple trim in red with three buttons.
Both have silky linings and will not itch your head just keep you warm. Both cost 45GBP get in touch if it's your cup of tea and I will make you one....or two.!

Saturday 13 October 2012

Felt Cloche Hat

The cloche is a hat almost everyone loves although the bell cloche like my felt above does not suit you if you have a round face. It is blocked all in one pushing the crown through a brim block in the upside down position. Strange I know but it eliminates the need to block the brim separately.
At the moment on British television we have the fabulous drama Downton Abbey which features so many wonderful hats. I have found a blog which features the programme.
Take a look at all the period costumes, interiors and of course head wear.


Thursday 4 October 2012

Felt Hat

Winter is just around the corner so I am working with felt and wool fabrics at the moment. This wide brimmed hat in luxury velour felt has been trimmed with a rich fine wool tweed to contrast with the pale mushroom felt. I have manipulated the brim to create a box pleat with steam while the rest has been blocked on a hat block. Felt blocks so well that you can create many unusual shapes even without any blocks just as long as you can secure it in place. Lots of pieces being made so will be posting some new pictures very soon. I have a lovely small top hat almost finished.!
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