Sunday 29 March 2015

March Madness

Last week was all the sewing and hat making as usual but I also had a photo shoot of some new hats and head wear, a Charity event and my new hat boxes arrived. 
My very clever pal Shelly of  Toast Of Leeds came over with her magic camera and together with the lovely Lucy of  I am Lucille who wore some of here own creations and also some vintage dresses
plus gorgeous jewellery made by my friend  Rachel Lucie
Shelly has taken some amazing photographs in Lucy's studio in Hebden Bridge,
when I recive images I shall blog and shout about them. 
These few shots were taken on my phone so the quality isn't great but it gives you a flavour of whats to come.
My new hat boxes also arrived a rather lovely simple shade of Ivory with simple almost tea stained twisted rope handles.... NICE.! Looks great with the big new logo HT in the centre.
So this week we head towards Easter and I shall be getting ready to go to Lythan St Annes in Lancashire where I will be a part of Hopefull and Glorious Easter event.
Best get sewing.! 


Tuesday 17 March 2015

In The Pink

Everyone who knows me well knows that I am personally not a big fan of pink myself but pink always makes a pretty hat and I need pink hats in the shop so with that in mind here is the latest.

It's been teamed with some lovely Tana Lawn Liberty cotton as the lining and trim along with some unusual Italian rubber, which is normally used in jewellery making and then secured to the hat with a single swarovski grey pearl.

The hat is a great shape, strong and simple and I think could be worn with a variety of outfits

So lets see who spots it in the window and decides it's the hat they want to wear.

Always tricky naming a hat unless it's part of a collection but so far there's a choice of  'Santa Rosa'
or  another lady suggested  'Felicity'  I shall ponder for a little while till it comes to me.


Friday 6 March 2015

Shoulder Bags & A Dash Of Glamour

I bought some lovely rich grey glazed cotton to make bags with and the first of the batch is this one with a white panel and a hand printed motif.
There's a pocket inside to keep your wallet and good strong comfortable shoulder straps.
The other extreme of fabrics is the crin above which is a very light and sheer headpiece which has been sprayed with ivory.soft gold and black to create a soft swirl of hues as you turn your head,
Finished with a swirl of black silk and a plume of tiny pearls.
It's tricky to see the lovely effect this gives on the picture but if you are local it's in the window at the moment.


Monday 2 March 2015

Wedding Preperations

March today and as we slide towards Easter that means one thing for lots of milliners.

Lots of people get married at Easter as schools have a 2 week holiday and it's the first chance of slightly warmer weather here in the U.K. although it's never guaranteed.!
So although we are still selling warmer hats and accessories we are pushing ahead with hats for Spring weddings and here are a few from last week.

A knotted straw with asymmetrical brim and pretty print trim. A soft green button hat with hand tooled silk apple blossom and a two tone grey and ivory medium topper hat with a distressed crin trim.
All very different but then so are weddings.
Which would you choose.?

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