Wednesday 26 July 2017

Hats Under Constrution

So I finished the pink beret with the vintage navy twisted ribbon as the trim. Its very striking on and just needs a simple dress to pair with it. It has a navy sinamay blocked inner and the open weave blocked outer. I love brimless hats but they do leave you very exposed so not always the choice for the first time hat wearer.
The middle image is a reversible sun hat, yellow one side and check the other. It folds up into a small triangle and will pop into a bag while you don't need to wear it. It's so easy to leave a larger hat behind when your on holiday isn't it !
Finally the gold and grey hat has now been sewn together but I haven't taken a picture as yet. Every time I try the light seems to fade or some other distraction happens so I will get one taken for the next post.

Chrissie x

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