Saturday 20 July 2019

Summer Holidays Hello Again

Hello I've been having a break from blogging as I haven't had any help in the workroom for quite a while and had too many plates spinning.
Sewing had to take priority for a few months and as you can see there's been plenty of it !
Ascot saw me make the pale yellow silk petal commission which took a long time but was well worth it and just looked fabulous on.
My client had a wonderful day and felt a million dollars.
Also the shop has been filling up with summer hats and accessories in cottons and linens plus some large brimmed roll up hats.
Plus lots of wedding hats have been made and bridal headpieces including the lace headband which I made from the lace of a brides dress.
All in all it's been busy and I now have some help so I have more hands.
Hope you have a lovely summer holiday whatever you do .
Chrissie x

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