Tuesday 29 June 2010

Knitted Fabric Bags

This is made from cut strips of fabric sewn together to make a ball of fabric yarn. You can then knit it just like any other yarn to make just about anything.The bigger sized needles the looser the finished look, smaller needle and it will have a much tighter finish.
I used very large telegraph pole like one's to make the larger piece, very strange to use at first.!!
My fabrics are silk and cotton in various greens, but you could use anything really just as long as you can make one continuous length.
Both clutch bags have silk linings and are really quite strong, so will take all you need and a bit more.
I then trimmed each bag with a large green glass bead.
So try it with an unwanted garment or long forgotten something in the back of your wardrobe, start on a small project till you get the hang of it.Happy knitting.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Model Magic

Here is the very beautiful Grace who has been modeling for me today, so I now have a few more pictures for my new website.
A new web site seems a great idea then you realize how much work they take.!
However I am getting there as they say, so hopefully very soon I will be able to show off my new hats in all their glory.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Little Red Cloche

This lovely red fine straw cloche hat is a real winner in the cute stakes, so far just about everyone popping into the shop has fallen in love with it.
I also made one in cream but that went to a wedding in California a while ago.
I took this photograph for my new web site which is slowly making progress.
My friend Clare Lupino looked so good in this shot I decided to post it on the blog first.

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Very Beret

Luxury leopard print in velvet, very simple and very soft.
People seem to love animal print and are drawn to anything made in a print fabric or really dislike it.
When ever I make an animal print hat it always sells very quickly, normally a women who will walk straight in, stride towards it, try it on and then say "I'll take this please".
The napa leather covered buttons and wide silk band add a luxury touch, to a very special little beret.

Friday 4 June 2010

Don't forget your Hat

Right now I have a long list of orders for weddings as you would expect, but it's nice when someone just pops in the shop for an everyday hat,without need for an occasion.
Why not have a fab rain hat,sun hat,dog walking hat etc.
All you need is a great shape that suits you, pick a fabric you love and before you know it you'll be sporting your new creation.
A few compliments never go amiss do they.
What hat would suit your day.?

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Cool cotton holiday hats

Summer holidays are now just around the corner, so the ever popular pull on cotton hat is now back in the shop priced £40.
These and others have been in the window over the weekend and proved very popular.
All hand knitted or crocheted [by my sister] in 100% raw cotton with different beaded trims.
Cotton comes in many colours, so some hats have been made in bright sunny shades.
This little collection above somehow reminds me of the beach.
So if you are heading off on holiday soon don't forget your hat.!
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