Sunday 30 August 2009

A story tellers necklace

Clare in action

A busy weekend

Well Sunday night already after a busy busy weekend I am catching up on all my little jobs.
Clare Lupino modeled some of my hats for various needs,website etsy etc and Ursula Holden Gill
popped in to see Clare wearing a necklace Clare made.We teamed it with one of my vintage hats which I am starting to hire and she looked fab.
It is still raining so as well as orders next week has to include a few funky rain hats and one of them has to have MY name on it.

Thursday 27 August 2009


Phew finished it at last.Nice Navy felt trilby for a trendy bloke don't do many blokes hats but this one is dapper.
On this photo you can just see my lovely neighbour's shop sign, Hannah Nunn who has they wonderful shop Radiance.

Thurs already!Very busy in the shop yesterday so a bit behind i'm thinking of changing my last name to something similar.

Saturday 22 August 2009

And more!!!

Goodies for sale

Finished product

Sat, where did wed thurs go? a few visitors which is lovely but halts the flow of the sewing machine etc.
Black hat was finished and away on time (just) just working on a little rain hat with a spotty lining and today the sun IS shinning but I must make a few more rain hats for the shop and one for me as I seem to be the only one in the house who Never has a hat to put on .!!!
Taken a couple of pics's in the shop to show what I sell.
Must go and finish my rain hat and get some lunch......starving.!!!

Tuesday 18 August 2009


Back to work lots to do also lots to fill out on the blog but cutting out is what I need to do today.
A nice piece of black velvet and some black dupion silk. It should look good when finished (the hat)
Bright beaded trim will do the trick.
Finished photo to follow.

Sunday 16 August 2009

My first blog

Welcome to the day to day activities of The Little Hat Shop Blog.
Sandwiched somewhere between Manchester and Leeds in the lovely Calder valley in the Market town of Hebden Bridge.

As anyone who has ever hand made anything for a living they will know there is never a dull moment.Certainly not in my workshop my silk box would send any rainy day packing.!
Add a generous mix of the general public and life really gets interesting.

Hats thrill most few even dog walkers need a great showerproof, which reminds me I need to be making quite a few of those
ready for autumn showers.

Weddings are many at the moment so I have been burning the midnight oil the last few days.
It's said to be a very creative time of day after 10pm but I think it's because you get no interruptions and so get lots done, apart from the little people in your life deciding that they NEED you as soon as you pick up a needle.!

With that in mind I will get some sleep before tomorrow comes around all to quickly.
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