Tuesday 30 March 2010

Rock and Roll Wedding

This is the second part of the fashion shoot featuring two alternative wedding headdresses.
Not for the faint hearted but sure to please those wanting something very different.
The make-up was fantastic don't you think.?
They where taken at the Adelphi in Leeds, a grade Two listed building full of nostalgia.
Rocknrollbride have some amazing photos of weddings with a difference so go take a look.
As the saying goes "It's only rock and roll but I like it."!

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Soda Fountain

Definitely not your average wedding photo shoot, but Shelly of Toast had an idea to produce a different view of that special day and went all out to get it.
This Felt Soda Fountain headpiece with white veiling and vintage buttons stands proud and regal on the models wild hair.
It was made by hand cutting two identical felt pieces which were sandwiched together with a wire frame, allowing me to bend it slightly into a pleasing shape, then sewing it all together with fine stab stitching.Sounds painful but hard to see so the perfect stitch.
I don't get to make too many pieces like this and I loved the end result.
Maybe there will be a bride out there daring enough to want this look too.We'll see.!

Thursday 18 March 2010

Pop in and browse Hats for sale

I thought it might be nice to show a few shots of the shop including my black and white floor which I love.!
The HAT wall where most of my occasion hats nestle on their pretty wrought iron arms is missing but I am planning a blog post all of it's own later.Not to mention the fact that I am madly making new hats at an alarming rate to fill my gallery wall.!!!
There's a sign on my door that Say's pop in and browse but if you are too far away this will give you a little taster of how it looks.

Wednesday 10 March 2010


Most of us just love a new bag and I am busy making a few at the moment.It's nice to be using fresh spring fabric's, floral, stripes and linens.
They always make great presents too.
I am always very pleased to be bought a new bag because of course you need to christen it with a purchase of one sort or another.Let's face it any excuse to go shopping/browsing.Filling your Sak.!
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