Tuesday 31 July 2012

Peacock Feather Retro Beret

Peacock feathers are really my favourite feather as I love their vibrant colours. This teal straw blocked beret has a group of feathers anchored with a silk covered button, which was the exact colour of the ladies suit.
I stripped the feathers from the bottom and sewed each one to the teal quill that curls across the beret adding height. For the lining I used a peacock coloured raw silk. It looked great nestled in it's red spotty box and proved to be a very striking hat. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures from the wedding.

Sunday 22 July 2012

Straw Trilby

 I have formed the crown of this little trilby by hand making a very deep dip in the top of the crown, the brim I blocked in the normal manor on a hat block so as it does not fit around the head like a normal trilby it is kept in place by a hat elastic.
The lovely black feather was steamed and curled into shape then secured with a small pearly black button.
I have used black raw silk as the trim around the brim and band around the crown which is striking against the light straw
It's maybe not a hat for the 'shy' but sure will turn heads.!

Monday 16 July 2012

1930's Silk Beret


Yesterday I finished this lovely little silk beret trimmed with veiling and semi precious beads. It's for a wedding next Saturday and the reception will be held at a very beautiful old tearooms called Betty's in Harrogate North Yorkshire.
The lady has a vintage style deep emerald dress and shoes in the same colour as the hat.
My vintage hat block was used to create the shape as I had sandwiched two pieces of raw silk using buckram as the medium to hold them together. After removing it from the block I gently steamed the silk back on itself then added a hat elastic, binding and the trim.Voila! one silk beret ready to wear.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Very Beret is now open

Finally Very Beret is OPEN.! If I say I've enjoyed all the computer work in order for it all to appear on screen I would be fibbing. However after having to swap track twice before I found something that I could work with in order to create Very Beret, with lots of help from my husband Stephen ,we have done it.
I had a definite vision of how I wanted it to look but my ideas and desires did not always match our ability.!
The very knowledgeable Robert of  www.ahand.co.uk started the process and taught me NOT to let fear hold me back and helped me understand basic html code. There where times I thought I could just draw and paint it all and it would be quicker.! My Friend Rachel of Rachel Lucie Designs  kept me going with advice, help and 'is it ready yet' reminders.
So all I need now is to add some more photographs of other berets available when my lovely model Eve is next free and of course for everyone to be able to find it on the web. So if you would be so kind to spread my news I will be very grateful. Chrissie x     www.veryberet.co.uk

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Sinamay swirl

 This special sinamay has two colours in the weave instead of one which gives it a lovely hue and lends itself to many different uses. I have steamed and sculpted this piece by hand and rolled the raw edge with my finger
and thumb, it takes a while to get a smooth edge but worth it for a simple seamless finish.
The ribbon is a petersham grey/lilac that I have added a wire spine so that it can hold it's shape and then added two blue/grey beads.
It sits to the left of the head and skirts across the left eye.

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