Saturday 11 December 2010

To Block a Cloche

The CLOCHE is one of my favorite hat shapes. This grey felt cloche with a flower trim is blocked as a one piece instead of a crown and a brim.
The crown block is pushed down inside the brim block as the last picture shows.
Sounds tricky but with a little patience you can produce a really lovely shape.
Once the felt is taken off the block you can then steam the brim wider, then trim into any shape you desire.
A brim reed is stitched around the brim edge to keep it in shape.


Wednesday 8 December 2010

Winter Wedding

This is for a wedding on saturday so I hope they can make it to their venue.!! Very cold here in the U.K. at the moment.
It has been made with tangle tuft sinamay which is great for hand sculpting and blocking into twists and turns. The bride has very dark hair so this piece stands out very nicely.
It is worn on the right with the plume of feathers falling over the back of the head.
Little pearls and a vintage button for something 'old' complete the focal point.

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