Monday 26 September 2011

Winter Headwear

We all wish winter wouldn't come around so soon but there is always the plus of winter dressing.
Hats always come in handy when it's cold especially if you have to wait for a bus or train on your way to and from work.
I am busy making lots of winter hats, like the felt cloche above and the simple cord beret with a vintage buckle and as it's time for pulling out your warmer coat, why not add a great looking hat.
Here in the u.k. we have been promised a week of warmer weather but you can never tell till you wake up.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Felt Feathers

I made some felt feathers many months ago, but only used them for a few trims. However in the week I needed to make something in felt for a lady to wear with a trouser suit and anything too fancy looked wrong, she liked the idea of feathers but they were too light and had decided she would like to have something made in felt. Hey presto felt feathers came to the rescue. I used two colours to tie in with her outfit and covered a headband in silk.I did have to sew a fine wire on the reverse side in order that I could twist the felt into a feather like shape. The result was very striking. Here's a few pictures of some I have made since then, I added small beads to two and also made a couple of leaves.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Warm Winter Knitted Hats

It's been too cold for early September, so everyone has been pulling out their warmer coats and for those of us who love our hats it's the perfect opportunity for a new everyday warm hat.
No need to pass on style either, I always have a lovely selection of berets and simple pull on knitted styles in the shop.
All beautifully made by my sister, in wool or wool blends. The top hat is a 1920's style cloche with little flaps that sit out to the side when worn.The beret has a vintage buckle and liberty print trim. Lastly the fine 4 ply beret has a pretty cabled band and button holes down one side to which I have added little vintage shell buttons for fastening.
So if you are shy about wearing a hat try a simple little warm hat at first and before you know it you will have your own collection. Keep warm.!
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