Thursday 7 April 2016

Printed Teasels And A Few Treasures

Setting off late to start my screen printing at the egg factory in the pouring rain last week, I wondered what am I doing setting myself a whole new task whilst trying to work from a very small space at home!
However the results were great and so far I've only managed to print one of my designs, but I'm really pleased. The grey on the calico and ticking looks lovely (well I think so)
There's much much more to do but I feel better now that I've got a few 'pulls'under my belt and sometimes printing can not always go to plan.
I love the teasel, or 'Dipsacus' for it's architectural character and have always doodled them for years.
I've made a few little aromatherapy sleep pillows to pop by your own pillow and bath bags to fill with fresh herbs.

Millinery wise I have finished a few lovely bridal pieces but can't show them yet as the weddings are a little later in the year.
The shop is now being painted and I will be hoping to re open towards the end of April or early May.
I hope lots of you will be able to come and celebrate with me. The shop and workroom will look very different once it's all finished. I will let everyone know in good time, once I set a date.

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