Sunday, 3 May 2015

May The Month Of Flowers And Many Weddings

This month I was going to move my blog to another platform and would have needed to redirect readers to my new location.
After thinking about it for a while I think that moving is not only unnecessary and a whole heap of work but it seems that some people regularly visit to see whats being made [thanks for that] and although I don't get many comments I do see that lots of you return very often.

So I shall stay here in good old blogger blog land even if it's considered a bit old school but freshen up the layout and look to create someting a bit different. Do you like it.?
Let me know if there' something you'd like to know about or see here on the blog.

This week has been hectic from a personal level, two children's parties,a funeral and a cub camp to pack for.
The shop has also been a hive of activity with blocking, and making of smaller hats with crin, the black fabric you see in the mini hat and on the sewing machine.
It can be twisted into fabulous shapes in all sizes and creates a dramatic piece.
The weather however has been a drama story all of it's own.! In typical British style.
Makes for a great colour pallet thought. 

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