Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Swirling Hats and A Dash Of Pink

Some ladies need no encouragement when it comes to choosing a statement hat.
In fact they can't wait to buy a hat that stands out from the crowd and turns a few heads, and there will be plenty of hats doing just that at Ascot next month.
The latest selection in the shop ranges form a zingy lime and hot pink to a swirling black with ruby crystals.
It really doesn't matter what your style is there are no limits when it comes to the races and ladies day is the one place you can really show your style.
So if you are thinking of going to the races this year get in touch and we will design the hat of your dreams.
There's still time for me to be making hats to wear to Ascot but you need to be quick, but don't worry if you are very last minute as there's always plenty to choose from in the shop and on line.
Where ever you are off to have a fabulous time in your hat.

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