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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I Am Ready To Re Open

Sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last few weeks, it's not like me not to post a little news but things have been fraught, with building works, sourcing items for the shop, whilst trying to work from the kitchen table. Also family life has been confined to the kitchen only, it will be great to regain some space and have a beautiful new shop and workroom to operate from. I really can not wait and just in time for all the summer weddings.

So I now need friendly faces to visit on Sat 14th May, anytime between 10am and 5pm when I shall be serving pimms and fresh pink lemonade to get you in the celebratory mood and you will be able to have a good look around the new look shop and workroom. You're in for a surprise ! There's a little teasing picture to give you a little taster of the new interior.

It's very exciting now it's almost ready but the journey to get here has been nothing short of mammoth.

Chrisse x

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Printed Teasels And A Few Treasures

Setting off late to start my screen printing at the egg factory in the pouring rain last week, I wondered what am I doing setting myself a whole new task whilst trying to work from a very small space at home!
However the results were great and so far I've only managed to print one of my designs, but I'm really pleased. The grey on the calico and ticking looks lovely (well I think so)
There's much much more to do but I feel better now that I've got a few 'pulls'under my belt and sometimes printing can not always go to plan.
I love the teasel, or 'Dipsacus' for it's architectural character and have always doodled them for years.
I've made a few little aromatherapy sleep pillows to pop by your own pillow and bath bags to fill with fresh herbs.

Millinery wise I have finished a few lovely bridal pieces but can't show them yet as the weddings are a little later in the year.
The shop is now being painted and I will be hoping to re open towards the end of April or early May.
I hope lots of you will be able to come and celebrate with me. The shop and workroom will look very different once it's all finished. I will let everyone know in good time, once I set a date.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New Flooring Printing & Sweets

A new floor is being laid as I type I can hear the builders 'persuading' things into place downstairs.
Which means after Easter the decoration can begin and the all being well I can re open mid April.
I have been organizing the new shop necessities and buying fabric to make new accessories but it takes a little longer than usual with only a small space to work from.

Someone passed this old photograph on to me of my shop in the late 1980's. My shop is the one with the striped awning it was a newsagents / sweet shop and my builder remembers it well.
Everyone had prievously thought that my building was Aurora Wholefoods but it seems that was not the case after all.
I have also joined the Egg Factory which is a creative co working space. I will be screen printing there. Haven't done any printing for a while but it's like riding a bike isn't it !
Once the builders have finished the floor I shall cover my windows so that the rest of the renovations can be finished and then my new interior can be revealed TA DA
Have a lovely Easter break what ever you do.


Thursday, 10 March 2016

My Turn For Renovations

Patience has been required since January as I waited for things to dry out. Mainly the cellar to drain etc etc, but finally it's my turn for the builders to arrive and renovations to commence.
My working practise has been tricky for the first few weeks of the year but I am so looking forward to a new clean workroom and of course the shop which is going to look very different as I am not replacing my checkered floor this time.
Sunday was Mothers Day and we all went to the coast to blow the cobwebs away, it was cold but bright just right for a good blast of fresh air.
There's a lot to do but I have many lists made so I am just going to plough my way through them.
I went to buy some new fabrics on Monday including one of my favourites French ticking.
There will be lots of new products available once I re open so I better get cracking !


Friday, 26 February 2016

New Look Very Soon

This last week has been great, cold with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. What a difference a little sunlight makes in your life!
Last Saturday a lovely lady called Sarah  {simply by arrangement} delivered me a beautiful flower arrangement for the shop filled with many of my favourite flowers and foliage. I am still enjoying it as it's good and cold near the window keeping it fresh.
The shop is still open until the builders arrive and although it's a little dusty it is enjoying the sunshine pouring in through the windows.
Making continues with orders and ladies looking for hats for weddings so there's plenty to do.
Ed from Snug Gallery next door has loaned me the oak table with the carved legs, stunning isnt it? There's been lots of planning for the new interior and now things are coming together, still a million things to source but Rome wasn't built in a day !
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