Friday, 1 February 2019

Trilbies Twists And Millinery Classes

Happy February well we've made in through January and there's a lot more light around which feels better and helps you function better don't you think ?
I'm back at it in the workroom sewing away on various orders and of course getting ready for the wedding season.
I've been using my straw braid for a few trims I like the shapes you can archive with it.
A new hat block arrived in the post yesterday it's a larger button block so I'm itching to block on it as soon as I can possibly tomorrow I will take a few pictures as I use it for next time.
Next week my millinery course begins on Thurs evening, I had to change the date for starting and day to accommodate everyone so I'm looking forward to see what the ladies want to make.
One of them is going to a wedding so that will be tailored to her outfit and wedding day needs.
They will be fairly simple things but achievable within the 5 weeks course time. [with a little help from me]
If all goes well I will run another one starting in March so get in touch if you're a budding milliner.


Sunday, 23 December 2018

Merry Christmas From The Hat Shop

So here we are almost at the end of the year ready for time with family and friends for those of us luckily enough to celebrate in that way.
2018 has been a tough year,  the high street has been very quite people have been tightening their belts and who can blame them.
As usual I have been lucky to have orders that keep me going but it's definitely a roller coaster of emotions from month to month and an uncertainty to your usefulness or if you are relevant anymore.
A creative life is a wonderful way to earn a living you could say a privilege but an uncertain one at the same time. There are shops closing everyday. My work fills me with joy and my passion never changes as I strive to create lovely things that make people happy.

In January after being asked countless times I have decided to run a short
Millinery Course for 4 weeks ONLY 3 PLACES AVAILABLE £25 per class  [inc all materials]
Beginning 2nd week of January on the 8th Every Tues evening from 7pm till 9pm at the shop in my workroom.
Contact me via

Let's hope that 2019 will bring a new energy and a feeling of resurgence in business.
Thanks to everyone for their support through the year it's very much appreciated and I am looking forward to January when I will return after a Christmas break.
Merry Christmas to all.


Sunday, 25 November 2018

December Dates For Your Diary

Only a week left until it's December, how did that happen! This year seems to have flown for me, although I say that every year.
After a long glorious summer we then had the most amazing Autumn when the trees kept their colour for weeks.
Now it's really turned cold and winter is here but of course that means wrapping up and keeping warm in hats and gloves.
So there's a big selection of all things winter in the shop from hand knitted items to wool cloth hats, felts hats and lovely new bag shapes.
The little bags with various bows are gift bags to pop your presents into, and they can the be used again and again or just used as a bag for anything. They come in small medium and large, £5 £8 & £10 or £20 for a set of three.
What could be nicer than a unique little gift wrapped in a unique little bag.
This week has also been Indie Week a campaign the Just A Card have been running.
Getting the word out about all the small shops and how all the smaller sales like a card are just as important as bigger sales. There are passionate about raising the awareness of independent shops just like mine and how they can survive and thrive.
I've been making backpacks from various fabrics including this chenille version with a checked wool front pocket.It can be worn as a cross body bag or held by hand.
Slowly but surely in between sewing the Christmas decorations are going up, the wreath is on the door and I have lots of fresh greenery in the shop.
I'm going to be at a couple of events next week so if you can't make it to the shop you might manage a visit ti the fairs.
Both will be lovely and well worth a visit.
On the 1st of December the shop will be 14 years young which coincides with my birthday but I'm keeping that number to myself !

Chrissie x


Monday, 29 October 2018

Turning Cold And Wrapping Up

There's a definite change of temperature this week and it's sent everyone reaching for warmer coats and gloves not to mention hats.
I've had lots of ladies in the shop finding a hat that suits their needs, looks great,and is easy to wear everyday.
This can be a challenge but with a little help it can be achieved.
Felt hats are very warm and I make a selection that can be folded on top of your bag, but they don't like to get very wet, so you need the right fabric as well as the right shape.
Our hand knitted poncho's are back in the shop, my sister knits them for me this one is a gorgeous blue and at the moment she's knitting a mustard one. 
Thick warm and can be worn over your coat as an extra layer when it's freezing cold.
I'm also making new winter bags including wool cloth and corduroy like the one pictured and there's a new range of backpacks being made so plenty to keep me busy.
There's also plenty of luxury faux fur hoods and headbands ready to buy as they are still very popular.
You can have your head measured should you need a smaller or larger fit.
You can just spot them on display in the window.
Get in touch or pop in if you'd like to see what we can make for you.

Chrissie x

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