Sunday, 26 October 2014

Boiled wool And Taffeta

A carpet of leaves have started to fall everywhere.I love the colours,shapes and patterns that they make.
This week I went to my local library and spotted sitting on the shelf the new Vivienne Westwood auto biography, It was the first time it had been displayed for loaning and I was the first person to take it out. It felt very special with only the one return date stamped on the front sleeve.
Ive only read a little so far but it's good and very detailed were the story begins in Paris fashion week.
I then went fabric shopping which is never a chore and found some grey boiled wool, damson taffeta, and a few other nice pieces of winter fabrics.
So I got busy with Evangeline and together we made a few hats and neck wraps.
A few have sold straight away, I think fabric speaks to you as you spot it and it's what constantly draws people into the shop, fabric, shape, and tone.
I'm looking forward to using more this week and seeing which shapes we will create.
Also need to create a Halloween window or my daughter will not be too pleased.
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