Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Time To Wrap Up

So it is definitely time to start adding layers and wrapping up to keep the cold out.
Extra layers needed for early mornings and late evenings, hats gloves and scarves will all be making their way out of drawers.
I like winter dressing, I like the fabrics, the tones and the layering.
The poncho is once again a key accessory this season and perfect as a great cover up in general.
I have two hand knitted ones in the shop with more being made in other colours by my clever sister.
Have a look at the on line shop if you would like one. 
Wool felt cloches are back and once again I can't make them quick enough, they are smart, come in many tones and perfect for everyday, £75 each like the grey one in the picture.
All the flowers are now starting to change colour and loose their colours but the hydrangea is still beautiful so I took a quick picture of it before it sleeps for the winter.
I also have a new selection of Cathy Edwards leather bags and the bright orange and black make a striking window display of course there are others in the shop in more subdued colours as well as the ever popular black.

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