Friday, 26 February 2016

New Look Very Soon

This last week has been great, cold with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. What a difference a little sunlight makes in your life!
Last Saturday a lovely lady called Sarah  {simply by arrangement} delivered me a beautiful flower arrangement for the shop filled with many of my favourite flowers and foliage. I am still enjoying it as it's good and cold near the window keeping it fresh.
The shop is still open until the builders arrive and although it's a little dusty it is enjoying the sunshine pouring in through the windows.
Making continues with orders and ladies looking for hats for weddings so there's plenty to do.
Ed from Snug Gallery next door has loaned me the oak table with the carved legs, stunning isnt it? There's been lots of planning for the new interior and now things are coming together, still a million things to source but Rome wasn't built in a day !
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