Wednesday, 4 November 2015

November And The Fog Rolls In

So November has arrived and right on queue the fog has arrived too, I actually like foggy weather it's so atmospheric but I know that travel wise it can be difficult.
The bag at the top of the post is a large knot bag we make them as silk evening bags as a rule but decided to make a larger pattern to make a day bag too.
This heavy cotton bag has a bright blue leather base and is lined in the same fabric as the outer.
I am going to make some with a slightly longer strap so you can slip it over your shoulder.
I've also had a changed the style of my business cards they are now square, quite big with my details on the reverse yet still plenty of space to sketch designs and staple bits of fabric on, perfect.
At the moment my welcome doorstep plant are these pretty little violas, just lovely.
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