Monday, 8 June 2015

Cotton Hats And Oil Cloth Bags For Summer

I've been busy re painting my kitchen in between making hats and bags.! It's not finished yet as hats and other sewing take priority, two walls are white and two walls are F&B 'Pigeon' which is a great colour.
We have been busy re filling the shop with casual cotton holiday hats and bags including cross body oil cloth bags which I love as they are so easy to wear and you can fill them with the kitchen sink.!
I have bought another lovely piece of oilcloth today which I want to make myself a bag from as I always seem to low on the list when it comes to making.I am going to use it with a piece of leather so will take pictures and show how it worked out in the next post.
Flowers are opening up in the garden and borders around town and continue to make my day however it's not that warm at the moment. 
This coming week I am expecting the last minute Ascot ladies, but I am ready with lots of options in the shop and of course we can always add touches of colour to match outfits.

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