Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Knitted Fabric Bags

This is made from cut strips of fabric sewn together to make a ball of fabric yarn. You can then knit it just like any other yarn to make just about anything.The bigger sized needles the looser the finished look, smaller needle and it will have a much tighter finish.
I used very large telegraph pole like one's to make the larger piece, very strange to use at first.!!
My fabrics are silk and cotton in various greens, but you could use anything really just as long as you can make one continuous length.
Both clutch bags have silk linings and are really quite strong, so will take all you need and a bit more.
I then trimmed each bag with a large green glass bead.
So try it with an unwanted garment or long forgotten something in the back of your wardrobe, start on a small project till you get the hang of it.Happy knitting.
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