Friday, 24 June 2016

Alternative Christmas In Hebden Bridge

Tomorrow marks the six months since the Boxing day floods and in true Hebden Bridge style the town is all set to celebrate an alternative Christmas.
It will bring together people from around the country who came and gave much needed help to many businesses and families.
It's good to have something to smile about as many more shops re open, although there are still quite a few with work still on going or awaiting work to begin.  
There are many events planned across the weekend so if you are able to visit do come into town and get involved.
I have a few flowers from the allotment which is lovely and hat making continues in the new workroom with lots of new orders for weddings, which is fantastic and heart warming.

Have you spotted the Marshall & Snellgrove hat box ? It was given to me by a lady in Halifax which was a real surprise and a much loved gift. I think it belonged to a family member and they wanted it to go to a good home. I've found a blog that gives a few details about the department store and a picture of an original label too.
I made a quick alternative Christmas tree with wine glasses, baubles and a little greenery.

Lets celebrate the good of a little town full of creative people.
Chrissie x

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