Friday, 22 January 2016

Feeling Much Brighter

Let's start the weekend off with some good news.

Last week was not my best week, feeling pretty low if I'm honest.  Thanks to lots of kind pledges and words of encouragement from many places, I feel I can start to build my little empire again.
I'm always happy to pitch in and help others but find it dificult to ask for help myself.
 I guess most people feel the same.

This time it's my turn to ask for a little help as the next few months ahead are daunting to say the least.

So to help myself on the road to recovery I am selling my wears in many different ways including ;

I am also taking a selection of hats to a client's house soon
so that all her friends who will be going to the races this year or  wedding can gather together for a hat extravaganza. 

I'm also going to find a few local events to attend and I'm thinking of going to The Craiglands Hotel  just outside Ilkley in Feburary as they are hosting an open day.
There will be a selection of arts and crafts to browse and buy.

There's still damp in the shop so it's a waiting game till it dries out.
Rained all day today!

I have set up my little shop in the workroom and everyone is still very welcome to come and browse.
Also get in touch if you are thinking of going to the races and might like a little Hat Therapy at home or work.

A much happier hatter - Chrissie.x


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