Saturday, 3 October 2015

Get Married At The Hepworth

On Monday I had a date at The Hepworth which is one of my favourite places to visit. Normally of course there are lots of people wandering around but on a Monday they are closed which is the perfect time for a photo shoot. It was slightly surreal wandering around the gallery, sometime totally on your own, but it felt very special too.
My talented pal Shelly of Toast Of Leeds was working her magic in the gallery as they are up dating their wedding presence. (did you know you can get married there)
How fabulous would that be.
So along with some other lovely pals we all tootled over to Wakefield and had a fantastic day helping to produce some amazing images to tantalise the public.!
Shelly will be sharing them so I will get them on the blog when they arrive. (The ones I spied on her camera were just amazing so I can't wait to see them)
I also met the rather dashing Henry who looked after us royally and will be co ordinating weddings.
The images above were taken on my phone, one was a grey felt cocktail headpiece and the other  was made from a vintage collar.

I will get all the details for the  wedding gowns, make up artist, hair stylist, models, jewellery maker etc once I blog the offical photographs.

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