Friday, 14 August 2015

A week At The Hat Shop

Here's a round up of my week in pictures. Last Saturday was a beautiful day and the sun streamed into the shop and as our British summer has been rather unpredictable it was great to have the door open.
I re trimmed a trilby in navy blue petersham ribbon for an Italian man who was going to a wedding back home in Italy.
There was a little selection of accessories made in a very fine wool check.
A trilby with a velvet ribbon trim was the main piece but also a few smaller items too.
I was also busy using my trusty Jiffy steamer which is basically like a big kettle that continues to boil and create steam in order to create hats. This is the water container which I gave a good clean before re filling. I made a really smart navy blue and lilac hat but can't show it yet as the wedding isn't till the end of August.
I now have a new intern working with me and two more joining over the next few weeks.
We will be starting to make our Autumn range very soon and I have realised that in four months time I will have been open 10 years so there's a little celebration to plan.!


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