Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter

Easter weekend and today the sun is shining, although we have had very mixed days  all week from sunny and warm to cold and more like winter.
The blossom is out on some of the trees and it just makes everything look lovely.
Next Sat I will be in Lytham in Lancs at the Hopeful and Glorious event so if you are local you might like to come along and say hello.
Hats are now filling the shop and disappearing just as quick.
Hats for weddings, Ascot and lots of other glamorous events around the country as well as weddings overseas. Italy seems to be the top destination this weekend.Two so far have left the shop in there smart boxes destined for Sorrento and Rome.
So what ever you are up to this weekend enjoy the sunshine and a little chocolate.!

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