Saturday, 24 January 2015

Snowy Days & And A New Machine

Last Wednesday is snowed and snowed and snowed. My little girl goes to a school which is situated on the hills above Hebden Bridge so when the call came from school that they would have to close the only way back was on foot. 
It was a beautiful sight of white bright scenery, falling snow and laden trees and shrubbery. Sledging was great fun and everywhere had an alpine feel.
However last night it rained all night so most of the snow is now gone.
I bought an older sewing machine on Wednesday which I am delighted with. It's a very heavy metal body,quick and very precise. We are all just sightly in love with it in the workroom.!
Looking forward to putting it to good use this coming week as we plough through a huge list of
 'to do's '
I am about to make three lists for the wall for everyone to follow next week which include hand printing linen fabrics, bag making and blocking more formal hats for weddings and events for the coming spring and summer. Should keep us all out of trouble.! Chrissie.

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