Sunday, 14 September 2014

Happy Birthday Little Blog

It's five years ago since I started The Little Hat Shop Blog, I don't have a massive following but I do know that people look and read it as they will tell me when they pop in the shop to try something on they've spotted, and overseas readers will e mail me about styles they would like in a different colour. So I have been saving a very special photo shoot that took place earlier this year as an anniversary special.

I asked a few friends if they would like to contribute thier talents, bridal gownsbridal flowers, bridal jewellery, photo shoot hair and make up as well as Chloe and Grace who modelled, plus good friends who just helped and of course my pal Shelly for all that is possible in photography magic.
It seemed like a good omen when after a shout out on twitter that I was looking for an unusual bridal gown with simple lines and no fuss that the very talented Jessica Charleston from Bath said 'would this be any good'

A latex wedding gown that looked like liquid silk........ Yes that would do fine.!! Jessica also lent me the beautifully simple ivory gown as well.
Shelly from Toast photography actually thought I was joking when I told her I've got a latex wedding gown and a slightly crumbling chapel to shoot it from.
So after a little orchestration this was the result.

So far the pictures haven't been featured on any blogs so if you know of a little place it might just work well then get in touch. It's definitely a touch of Kate Bush brushed with a good dash of Withering Heights. 
Thanks for supporting the blog so far.
Chrissie x

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