Sunday, 8 June 2014

Soft Golds And Mad Hatters Tea

I'm a little behind with my blog posts at the moment so here's a selection of whats been happening in the workroom lately.
Soft Gold tones look great with cream bridal gowns so this week there has been a selection of head wear with that in mind.
A bell hop hat with an antique gold veil secured with smoky gold swarovski crystals that tumble across the side of the left eye and a couple of smaller cocktail hats, plus the cloche hat with the ripple brim is now finished and on show in the shop.
Also this week one of my lovely interns left and gave me the most thoughtful gifts including the Mad Hatters Tea.! Melissa has been working with me for 11 months so I will miss her but she returns to uni in Sept to finish her degree and she'll have a few new tricks up her sleeve when she starts making her costumes again.
Today is the Hebden Bridge Hand Made Parade which is a little like the Rio Carnival but in Yorkshire and I can't wait to see the amazing parade and hear the Samba band.

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