Saturday, 11 May 2013

New designs New on line shop

As it is now officially summer wedding season here in  the U.K. I like many other milliners am very busy making hats and head wear for lovely summer weddings. It's unseasonably cold at the moment [no change there really] but the ladies are not letting that stop them from wearing gorgeous outfits and creative head pieces.
I am also busy re stocking my shop on What I always wanted  here's a couple of the designs modelled by artist Julia Ogden  who is aslo my neighbour. They will all be for sale next week on their site.
My other project is keeping me up late at night and as the words describe I shall soon have my own on line boutique where there will be a selection of everything I sell in the real shop from head wear to scarves and accessories. I will post a 'fanfare' when it's good to go.!
Also this week in the post was a Finnish wedding magazine that I have been featured in, I can't read it but never mind. All those ace pic's from Toast of Leeds speak for themselves.

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