Friday, 29 March 2013

A trip to Birmingham


Last Saturday it had been snowing for a least 18 hours and as I was setting off to the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza at 7am ish on the Sunday morning it was looking doubtful that I'd make it.
I had my van booked, furniture had been found, bought and painted and so much work gone into making that the thought of not being able to make it was dreadful.
I had some new look business cards printed, new hat boxes, I even had a hand drawn sign by my neighbour artist Julia Ogden and with the help of Rachel a friend from Hebden Bridge we did set off on time.
At one point we were following a snow plough on theM6 which is perhaps the best place to be but not quick.!
Arriving in the nick of time, snowing we unpacked the van and had fling my stand together. Rachel worked like a mad woman passing me things out of boxes then getting rid of empty ones back to the van.
It all took place at Fazely Studios which was fab, everything you think of when you think of a wedding fair you can forget, when it comes to putting on a show these guys really know how to do it, crammed full of talented individuals it was alive with inspiration.
I had a great time, came back with orders, sold something within the first 10 minuets of opening and met some great people.
To see more fantastic images have a look at Jay mountford's blog

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