Saturday, 19 January 2013

March Wedding Extravaganza

I am really excited to be invited to EWE in Birmingham in March and by all accounts from their first event in November last year I am in for a visual treat. It's not your average shindig and my space in which I will create a display in which to display my goodies is also right up my street. I love to dress a space and am full of ideas at the moment, there is also some searching for several pieces of furniture and I will definitely need a van.
So time is of the essence, with all the making and general hat shop malarkey I will be a busy girl.
The materials on my list for use so far are perspex, wool yarn, silk, plastic, wire and other lesser used materials.
Here's a couple of flowers that have been made for some simple birdcage coloured veils and I hope to take a few pictures of projects in the making as they happen.
So my advice to anyone getting married soon is get yourself to EWE.
Have a peep what Shelly my Toast of Leeds mate snapped last November.

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