Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Light as a feather

Sometimes I have clients who don't like to wear a hat that has been blocked or moulded into shape as they feel it's too heavy and spoils their hair.!! So the answer to having a larger brimmed hat without the weight is to make the hat from fabric
It can still have plenty of structure and the brim can tilt back just the same as a blocked hat so there's no compromise on shape or style.
This is an embroidered linen in apple green which has a matching wide slim clutch bag.
It has an oval brim wider at the side and shorter at the front and back with a pork pie crown.
You can wear this hat for hours and hardly feel you have anything on your head.
Silk is another fabric I use for similar shapes but you could use any fabric at all.
So the next time you have a day at the races or an event where you want your hat on for a longer period of time think about something light and breezy.
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