Sunday, 16 January 2011

A tale of two trilbys

Since starting work after the Christmas break I have been very busy. After our cold December it's nice to be thinking of spring colours, these two hats are for a lady who lives in Italy the trilby crown is blocked from fine straw and the brim in pinopok. The buttons are made from mussel shell and the blue fabric is a linen /viscose.
She will have no trouble shading her eyes with these wide brims, especially the linen print. {last photo }
I have also transformed my workroom by moving everything around including shelving. I even cut a small slice off my cutting table to make it fit it's new space.!
It's all go now working on everything in readiness for the spring/summer months, but of course I have to keep up with my orders so much plate spinning required.
I have quite a few plans for the business this year so I will be back soon with more news.
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