Monday, 20 September 2010

Something to shout about

Here are two hats that were made with one thing in mind 'PHOTOGRAPH ME'.
The one worn by a former Miss England at Ascot a couple of years ago, found it's way into lots of newspapers, the second is still awaiting it's debut.
It's great fun when you are commissioned to make these P.R. hats but they do cause a few headaches like making sure the plane will stay in place or your pork pie won't slide off the side of the hat.
In the middle photograph the cream hat is made from felt and has two wings with central cuts supported by black wire.Once that stage was complete the very elaborate trimming began.
The pork pie was made from washing up sponges and lots of small pieces of tissue paper,one lady actually thought it was a real pork pie.No smell should have given it away.!
I don't have any other hats like these in the pipeline at the moment but as both of these came completely out of the blue you just never know what you might be asked to make next.
Thanks to Ed Chadwick photography for picture of felt/plane hat, great to have a photographer next door at Snug Gallery.


Theresa said...

you are incredibly talented! These are amazing and so creative!

Unknown said...

wow - almost speechless - wow is all I can manage!
Rachel x

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