Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sparkle and shine

This began as an image in a clients head and then I had make that image real. NO pressure then.
I ordered the coloured beads and crystals and began to make a template of the main shape.
Little be little it started to look like my sketch.A small sigh of relief at this point.
I then had to thread and thread and thread all those tiny beads which were woven in and out of the frame.
It took me HOURS and Hours but when finished looked amazing.
Fitting it to the headband and keeping it secure was another thing all together, but after a few changes in design it worked.The band was covered in the spare material of the clients dress.
She was delighted with it and it looked fantastic on.
Think I'll leave beading projects alone for a couple of weeks.!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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