Sunday, 16 August 2009

My first blog

Welcome to the day to day activities of The Little Hat Shop Blog.
Sandwiched somewhere between Manchester and Leeds in the lovely Calder valley in the Market town of Hebden Bridge.

As anyone who has ever hand made anything for a living they will know there is never a dull moment.Certainly not in my workshop my silk box would send any rainy day packing.!
Add a generous mix of the general public and life really gets interesting.

Hats thrill most few even dog walkers need a great showerproof, which reminds me I need to be making quite a few of those
ready for autumn showers.

Weddings are many at the moment so I have been burning the midnight oil the last few days.
It's said to be a very creative time of day after 10pm but I think it's because you get no interruptions and so get lots done, apart from the little people in your life deciding that they NEED you as soon as you pick up a needle.!

With that in mind I will get some sleep before tomorrow comes around all to quickly.
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